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Dr. Mehmet Karaca

Mehmet Karaca received his B.S. degree in Telecommunication Engineering in 2006 from Istanbul Technical University, Turkey. He received his M.S. and  Ph.D. degrees in both Electronics Engineering from Sabanci University, Turkey, in August 2008 and January 2013, respectively.  During his PhD, he was a visiting researcher at The Ohio State University, OH, US. Between March 2013 and February 2015, he worked as System and Research Engineer at AirTies Wireless Networks, Istanbul, Turkey. Since February  2015, he has been a Postdoctoral Researcher  in department of Electrical and Information Technology (EIT) and MAPCI at Lund University. In general, his research interests are in the field of computer and communication networks with emphasis on performance analysis, protocol and architecture design , machine learning. He received the best paper award at SPECTS 2011, Huge, Netherlands. He is Demo co-Chair in IEEE/IFIP NOMS 2016, Istanbul, Turkey.

Some Recent Publications:

[1] M. Ozgun Demir, G. Karabulut Kurt, M. Karaca, "Application based Energy Consumption Characterization of IEEE 802.11n/ac Access Points",  accepted to IEEE ICNC, 2015.

[2] M. Ozgun Demir, G. Karabulut Kurt, M. Karaca, "An Energy Consumption Model for IEEE 802.11ac Access Points",  accepted to 22nd International Conference Software,  Telecommunications and Computer Networks (SoftCOM 2014).

 M. Karaca, Y. Sarikaya, O. Ercetin, T. Alpcan, H. Boche,  "Joint Opportunistic Scheduling and Selective Channel Feedback", IEEE Trans. on Wireless Communication, vol.12, no.6, pp.3024 - 3034, 2013.

M. Karaca, K. Khalil, E. Ekici, and O. Ercetin, "Optimal Scheduling and Power Allocation in Cooperate-to-Join Cognitive Radio Networks", IEEE/ACM  Transactions on  Networking, vol.21, no.6, pp.1708-1721, 2013.

N. Aydin, M. Karaca, and O. Ercetin, "Energy-Optimal Scheduling in Low Duty Cycle Sensor Networks", Proceedings of  International Symposium on Performance  Evaluation Computer and Telecommunication Systems (SPECTS 2011), The Hague, Netherlands, June 2011.