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Fredrik Nilsask

Fredrik Nilsask has currently a role as Project Manager for Innovation projects at MAPCI, Mobile and Pervasive Computing Institute, combined with a role as Research Engineer at Lund University

Fredrik has an MSc in Electrical Engineering with focus on Computer Science and a BSc in Business Administration and Economics from Lund University. He is a people and business oriented engineer with long experience of leadership, business, investigations and research & development. He has a broad and in some areas deep knowledge of software development, tele and data communication, computer science, mobile and Internet technologies, wireless connectivity and requirements management.

Fredrik has extensive experience from the industry as founder of miThings AB and in roles as Senior Manager at Sony Mobile’s research organization, Director and Senior Consultant at Teleca Mobile, Global Product Manager for Smart Phones at Ericsson Mobile Communications, Senior Software Engineer and Consultant at AU-System Radio and Ericsson Radio Systems. He has further a broad competence from small and large projects, international work with many different cultures and people from different disciplines, and experience from complex environments and tasks.