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Jonas Ahnlund

Jonas Ahnlund

Jonas Ahnlund is currently an employee at MAPCI, Mobile and Pervasive Computing Institute, where he is working full time in the Scalare project.

Jonas has a MSc in Computer Science and a licentiate degree in Computer Systems from Lund University. As PhD student he focused his research towards the complexity of control systems and alarm systems in process industry. Jonas was co-founder and CEO of the spin-off company Silent Control AB and via a position at Epsilon IT in Malmö he joined the Global Sales Item Management at Sony Mobile in Lund.

Jonas has professional experience of software development, test, configuration management, compliance and requirement management, and system engineering and architecture. Most recently, at Sony Mobile, Jonas has been working with improvement projects within the product launch and PLM area where he reformed the SW approval system and introduced true object oriented SW preparation and management in the factories’ shop floor systems.

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