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Professor Björn Landfeldt

Björn Landfeldt grew up in Stockholm, where he studied Electrical Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). He continued his studies at the University of New South Wales (Australia) and earned his doctorate degree in the field of Telecommunications in year 2000. He then worked as a senior researcher at Ericsson Research in Kista, Sweden, within network architecture before moving back to Sydney in 2001.

In Sydney he was appointed as CISCO Senior Lecturer in Networks at both Electrical engineering and Computer Science before he went over completely to Computer Science in 2004. He later became Associate Professor (docent) and worked there until he again moved to Sweden in 2102.

Dr. Landfeldt currently holds the ELLIIT chair in Network Architecture and Services of the Department of Electrical and Information Technology at Lund University. He is also the scientific leader of MAPCI. Dr. Landfeldt’s research interests cover various aspects of communication systems with an emphasis on the understanding of basic mechanisms that enable modern communication systems. His scientific contributions cover stochastic modeling, especially modeling of stochastic processes under self similar distributions, distributed systems modeling and design of distributed resource management functions. The topics he currently investigates include the immense problems associated with the sheer scale and complexity of the emerging Internet of Things / mobile cloud computing system, where both the fundamental scientific understanding and modeling as well as the engineering design problems are immense.

Dr. Landfeldt has been editing many journal issues and chairs many conferences in his field. He is also engaged in the public debate and has consulted for the Australian Government on the topic of cyber security.

Some recent publications:

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