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MMAC - MAPCI Medium Access Control

Wireless LAN has emerged as a primary access technology for both residential and business applications. Today, the IEEE 802.11 (WiFi) standards family is used extensively for untethered access, in homes, public spaces and at work. The success has lead the industry to reconsider WiFi and currently, investigations are under way to determine how this technology can be incorporated into future generations of cellular infrastructure as a complement in 5G systems. The IEEE has started the standards process for High Efficiency WiFi (HEW) Which aims to not only increase the data rate of future 802.11 radios but also make the technology scale to cope with new more difficult settings such as public access in stadiums and dense urban areas. In MMAC, researchers from Sony and LTH work to better share common radio resources and make these networks more robust and capable of delivering much higher data rates than current standards can. The work is done as part of the IEEE 802.11 ax standardization work.

Funding: The LTH staff is funded by the EU Marie Curie IAPP project "Mesh-WISE"

For more information contact: Björn Landfeldt

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