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Scalare - Scaling Software

More and more devices get connected to the internet. Ericsson estimates more than 50 Billion connected devices within five years. At the same time the development cost shifts from hardware to software. So does the innovation where innovative and differentiating features typically will be implemented in software. In order to stay competitive companies in all lines of business need to master software development. The SCALARE (SCALing sofwARE) project is developing a Software Scaling Management Framework that will help industry scaling up software. SCALARE is a European project within EUREKA/ITEA with participation from Ireland, Germany, Spain, and Sweden.

Funding: MAPCI/Sigrun: Vinnova 100%, Sony: Vinnova 30% Vinnova is funding the Swedish consortium consisting of Husqvarna, Lund University, MAPCI, Softhouse, Sony, and Tieto.

For more information contact: Sten Minör

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Here is a movie with SCALARE introduced by Martin Höst: