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Kidney project

Automated follow-up of activity programs for patients with kidney disease and overweight

This is the first part of a larger collaboration project between Region Skåne, Sony and MAPCI (Lund University). Further on may third party companies be involved. The purpose with the entire project is to evaluate and implement a complete tool for the team – physiotherapist, dietician, psychologist, and physician – supporting heavily overweight patients before kidney transplantation. This first part addresses the physiotherapist’s needs around automated management of activity programs. The objective is to give patients adequate feedback and thus insight and increased motivation. Further to give the physiotherapist possibility to jointly set objectives, analyse compliance and results, and give continuous feedback and recommendations.

The project is run as an evaluation pilot with 8-10 patients using Sony’s mobile phones and Lifelog smartbands to automatically register and follow-up activities such as number of steps, walking time, cycling time, running time, sleeping time and quality and similar. The physiotherapist may follow all her/his patients’ activities through a web client at the hospital where he/she can set activity objectives, analyse compliance and give feedback on the fly. The project is hosted and driven by MAPCI.

For more information, contact Fredrik Nilsask