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Public transport

Dynamic Public Transport

Public transport will be more flexible in the future. Buses will not run empty and will take passengers where they want to go, rather than to a bus stop that nobody really wants to go to. This scenario could be realisable due to the research project “Sustainable everyday travel via dynamic public transport” at the Mobile and Pervasive Computing Institute (MAPCI), Faculty of Engineering (LTH). The project has been granted funding by the innovation agency Vinnova, within the framework of a call for proposals concerning challenge-driven innovation.

In technical terms, the solution will involve matching the current positions of buses with travellers’ current transport needs by gathering traveller data via smartphones. Route planning and optimisation is in real time. The system is to be developed step-by-step and will be evaluated in close cooperation with major players in the public transport sector. Vinnova has granted funds for an initial study that will make it possible to further develop the idea.

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Project name: Sustainable everyday travel via dynamic public transport (Swedish: Hållbart vardagsresande genom dynamisk kollektivtrafik)

Scope: Create a more dynamic public transport by moving passengers to where they want, rather than to a bus stop that nobody really wants to go to. (Swedish: Skapa en mer flexibel kollektivtrafik genom att köra bussar dit passagerarna vill, snarare än till hållplatser dit ingen egentligen vill.)

Time: 2015-2016

Financing: 500 kkr from Vinnova

Partners: MAPCI, Trafik och väg på Lunds Tekniska Högskola, K2 Nationellt kunskapscentrum för kollektivtrafik, Bergkvara buss, Nobina, Combain Mobile, IBM, Lunds kommun, Vellinge kommun, Region Skåne, Softhouse och Trivector Traffic.

Contact:Sten Minör